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Litigation and Dispute Resolution


We take pride in providing the highest calibre of representation in civil litigation. We advise our clients of the best pathway for their personal circumstances. We firmly believe that we can provide them with a flexible and innovative course of action that will allow our clients to pursue different approaches if circumstances change. As goals may change, alternative approaches may be required at short notice to enable our clients to achieve the best result.


Commercial Litigation

Commercial litigation involves resolving a range of business-related disputes. We have extensive experience in many kinds of litigation matters which enables us to reliably advise and represent your company or business. The services we provide include:

  • Obtaining all the facts
  • Identifying possible causes of action
  • Advising you on possible plans of action
  • Making bonafide attempts at negotiations with other parties to resolve matters outside Court
  • Calculating damages
  • Initiating Court actions (including making arrangements to file and serve court documents)
  • Obtaining and managing evidence
  • Drafting affidavits and orders
  • Seeking summary and/or default judgment orders
  • Acting on previously-made summary or default judgment orders
  • Acting in interlocutory proceedings (including urgent injunctions).


Mediation and Negotiation

We advise clients on the suitability of mediation and negotiation for their disputes. We can suggest suitable arbitrators or mediators assist in settling disputes amicably. Additionally, we also represent our clients during all negotiations and can advise on optimal settlement options during the mediation process.  As always, the alternative of pursuing litigation is available if attempts at mediation are unsuccessful. 


Tribunal Hearings

Whether you are the applicant or the respondent, you must be thoroughly prepared for Tribunal hearings. During the hearing, the Tribunal member may ask you several questions about your application and you must be prepared and ready to answer them and back it up with evidence. We assist our clients with this preparation by providing them with all the necessary details and documents they will need for the hearing.


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