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Debt Recovery


We assist our clients by assessing their prospects for recovery and the debtor’s commercial viability. We then present all of the options to our clients, so that they can recover the greatest amount practicable.


Statutory Demands

We offer a highly professional service in this specialised area of company law. We assist our clients by preparing correct legal documents and attending the final hearing of their applications to ensure that they are sufficiently represented. 

Our rates are highly competitive. In most cases, we either provide our services according to the usual scale of rates or can agree on lump sum fees with our clients for various stages of the procedure.


Guarantee Disputes

As a guarantor, you will be liable for any money owed to the lender by any of the borrowers named in your guarantee. This may give rise to significant issues, especially if you are not aware of your rights and liabilities at the time you chose to become a guarantor. We assist our clients with any queries that they may have before they agree to become a guarantor. 


Mortgage Disputes

We understand that duties and obligations are not only owed by the borrower to the lender but also vice-versa. We appreciate that people can find themselves behind on their mortgages, and in some instances, the mortgagee initiates possession or sale proceedings. The services we provide for mortgagees include:

  • Issuing statutory notices for mortgage defaults
  • Initiating proceedings for possession in the Supreme Court
  • Advising on potential mortgagee sales that are likely to result in a recovery shortfall
  • Acting on the sales of secured properties
  • Acting on the discharge of mortgages
  • Providing court representation in relation to mortgage recovery actions.


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