Special Guardianship Orders (SGO’s)


Special Guardianship Orders (SGO’s) are within a growing area of WA law. At Irwin Legal, we understand that SGO’s provide certainty, stability and independence to carers and children, as it allows for long-term, stable care. However, the basic legal links between the child and family are preserved.

In practice, the child is no longer the responsibility of the Department for Child Protection and Family Support. The special guardian will have responsibility of the day-to-day decisions about caring for the child as well as their upbringing and education.

We recognize that there is presently insufficient support for carers seeking representation and advice, and we are here to help.

We can provide advice and representation to existing and potential carers who wish to apply for or vary an SGO. We can advise on particular issues such as:

– The differences between general foster care and an SGO;

– Appropriate conditions that can be placed on an SGO (i.e. orders that the child have certain contact times with a parent);

– Fortnightly payments that you are entitled to receive as a Special Guardian;

– Drafting, settling and filing of applications to the Children’s Court; and

– Which parties you should inform once a SGO has been made.