1. How soon will I receive a response to my enquiry?

Generally, within 1-2 working days.

2. I have a property dispute, should I still make enquiries?

Yes, we deal in various property law dispute matters with dedication and an eye for detail that attracts the results you are after. This can range from issuing a letter of demand, to making an application to the Supreme Court.

3. Do I need to commit to a formal engagement during the free 10 minute consultation?

No, the 10-minute consultation is designed to “filter” through to the real issue/s you face, and to determine what possible courses of action exist in your case.

4. I have been served with a letter of demand, what should I do?

Contact us now for advice, including the preparation of an appropriate response.

5. Do you practice in criminal matters?

We do not practice in criminal matters.

6. I have a tenancy dispute with a landlord/tenant, can you help me?

Yes, we can help with sending out the relevant letters of demand, statutory notices and Court or tribunal applications.

7. Who will work on my case?

At Irwin Legal, your matter is always left in confident, capable hands. Despite having a dedicated team, in cases where we consider that a much higher level of expertise is required, we generally employ the services of an experienced Senior Counsel (formerly known as Queens Counsel) to assist with the matter.

For more general FAQ’s see the Legal Practice Board (WA)’s website